Clients Ride The Tide Of NYC’s Boom

Scores of different elements play a role in determining the price of real estate in New York City. One of the least-expected reasons is overseas uncertainty. Regardless of whether or not people understand how overseas uncertainty is impacting the NYC market, the bottom like is real estate in NYC is reaping rewards.

Why is the New York City real estate market benefiting from woes overseas? People from other parts of the world choose to put their money into safer vehicles. The Brexit – Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union – has led to a devaluation of British currency. Those in the United Kingdom worried about their portfolios may look into other markets to put their money. Real estate in the foreign market of New York City is a viable investment strategy for those struggling in the aftermath of the Brexit.

Not all of the investment funding is coming from far off lands. U.S Treasury bonds are paying incredibly low rates. Buying and selling real estate becomes a better plan even for those interested in more conservative investments. Why invest in bonds that pay little to nothing when flipping property in New York City could reap huge rewards.

Buying and selling NYC real estate is not exactly easy though. This is why working with a solid firm such as TOWN Residential is recommended. Of the many real estate agencies in New York City, TOWN Residential remains one of the most prestigious. The various successful transactions the firm handled

Although TOWN Residential has only been in operation for about five years, the firm has made a major impact on the local Big Apple scene. TOWN Residential exists thanks to a joint partnership between Buttonwood Residential Brokerage LLC and Thor Equities, LLC. The fusion of these two successful entities has led to a major new player arriving in New York.

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