COPD Patients Are With The Lung Institute On Using Stem Cells

The number of COPD patients in the United States have climbed to nearly 24 million people but doctors at the Lung Institute have a new protocol. “Doctors have been able to reshape how we practice medicine with the introduction of stem cells,” Dr. Jack Coleman, Jr, MD said in a PR Web press release. Patients with breathing problems often have treatment options that are limited, but one of the leading treatment centers in the U.S., The Lung Institute is offering an alternative treatment using autologous stem cell therapy.

It appears the true enemies of lung disorders are stem cells, and research is proving this to be true. The discovery of using human lung stem cells to regenerate damaged tissues in patients with chronic pulmonary disease has lead to completely new treatment approaches. Many of the chronically progressive chronic pulmonary diseases are associated with chronic inflammatory and immunological processes. Clinical investigations have shown that stem cells can diminish chronic inflammations and have an immunomodulatory effect. Therefore, a possible strategy has been to use adult stem cells to repair lung tissue that’s been damaged.

In the case of a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the lungs of the persons affected lose their ability to repair themselves. Chronic cough is usually the first sign of COPD, and then a narrowing of the airways, making it difficult to breathe. “It’s a progressive, non-reversible enlargement and damage to the pulmonary vesicles. The body is not able to repair the destroyed structures,” explains Dr. Jack Coleman Jr. of The Lung Institute. Dr. Coleman and the rest of the professionals at the institute have made it their mission to understand everything about lung disorders.

Founded in 2013, Lung is one of the most comprehensive and integrated health organizations, committed to providing compassionate and quality care to patients with chronic lung disorders. Consistently recognized nationally for innovative therapies, the professionals are committed to excellence in patient care.

The Lung Institute is comprised of five facilities in Florida, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. Professionals connect with patients, delivering science-driven specialty care for the treatment of lung disease, using stem cell therapy. The interventions are designed to help patients to treat and diminish progression of disease, and advocate for optimal quality of life.

Stay up-to-date on therapies by visiting The Lung Institute website.

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