Dan Newlin Gets Justice For Brain Injury Teen

Just recently, attorney Dan Newlin who is from Orlando managed to obtain a record-setting $100 million verdict. This was on behalf of a teenager who had previously suffered severe brain damage and had actually been in a comma since the year 2012. The case was heard recently in the Orange County Court by the Honorable Judge Donald Myers, Jr.

The damages that were award includes payments for any past or future medical care for the victim, punitive damages, the pain and suffering for the child, and the emotional distress and the loss of companionship for the teens mother, Ms.Alma Fletcher.

The victim, Danielle Sampson, who was 15 years old at the time of the incident, was riding in the back of their family’s mini-van in July 2012. She was then struck on the head by a stray bullet that had been fired by one Tyrone Mosby, aged 22.
Mosby, who is a recognized as a gang member, together with a group of other people were running away from a scene. He was actually shooting at the homeowner, but the teen got shot instead. Since the shooting incident, the teen has been hospitalized for weeks, and currently she is at a rehabilitation facility. The teen is still paralyzed and cannot communicate apart from her eyes blinking. This is because the bullet fired at her is still in her skull, and she still has fragments in her skull.
After the hash verdict was pronounced Newlin told the people that he hoped that a powerful massage had been sent to the criminals or any other gang members out there, that they will be held responsible for their actions.

This lawsuit had been filed in July 2013 and Mosby had been named as the defendant. According to the lawsuit, Mosby was to be held responsible for the damages and injuries caused by his wrongful shooting which had occurred on 29 July 2012. At the beginning of this year, yet another jury found Mosby to be guilty on seven counts and actually sentenced him to 30 years in prison.

The teen’s mother was very happy that the jury was able to understand and act well regarding the case, but still she didn’t consider herself as the winner, her daughter was still not communicating. She said she wanted justice for her daughter who was in a critical condition. She was aware that no amount of money can make her daughter whole again, but the verdict had brought at least some amount of closure to that critical chapter in their lives.

The lawyer Dan Newlin, has his offices in Orlando and Chicago. He was very happy to have obtained this kind of justice for the family.

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