David Giertz and retirement planning

Retirement planning is intimidating for the most financially savvy among us. It is a subject that is sure to inspire a collective sigh whenever it’s brought up. Dull and complicated it may be, but it’s a conversation that is far from unnecessary. Despite this, many people don’t begin planning until they are close to retirement and often plan ineffectively. Luckily David Giertz, an experienced financial Advisor, recently provided some tips during an interview. He advises that people considering early retirement at approximately 55 years old should save approximately 33 times their annual salary. Giertz recommends reviewing the retirement account that you have to make sure it suits your plans, especially if those plans include an early retirement.

David Giertz is considered one of the best Financial Advisors in the industry. He has over 31 years of experience. Currently, he applies that experience at Nationwide Financial distributors INC where he has been the president since March of 2013. He also employs his skills by serving as president, senior vice president and director for other nationwide companies.

David Giertz has successfully passed 4 financial advisor certifications. These exams included the Municipal Securities Principal, the General Securities Principal Examination, Uniform Securities Agen State Law Examination, and the General Securities Representative Examination. He has also done several interviews encouraging people to reconsider how they plan for retirement. He also strives to convey how consulting a financial planner can make a huge difference in how prepared you are for retirement. A well-trained financial planner can help potential retirees see and sidestep major potential pitfalls.

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