David McDonald: Maintaining sustainability at OSI Group

After taking the top leadership of OSI Group, David McDonald has been working day and night to ensure that it becomes the largest privately owned food processing in the world. McDonald has also led OSI Group into implementing various projects to guarantee its sustainability. McDonald has been at the helm of the OSI Group for several decades. Under his leadership, OSI Group has grown from a single processing facility in Chicago to a multinational with more than fifty facilities in seventeen countries across the world.

David McDonald’s Education background and work history

McDonald was born and raised on the farms of Lowa. As a teenager, McDonald helped his parents on the farm. It is at this time that David McDonald developed a strong interest in farming. McDonald felt that the agricultural sector had a huge potential that was underutilized. He, therefore, vowed to study and make a difference in the industry that billions of people across the world depend on.

David McDonald joined Lowa State University in 1987 to take a Bachelor degree course in Animal Science. McDonald graduated from the University in 1991 and immediately began working for OSI Industries. At that time, OSI Group hadn’t made much progress. McDonald was devoted to his work and as a result, became extremely successful. His hard work impressed his bosses who promoted to various leadership positions within OSI Group. Eventually, David McDonald rose to the position of Chief Operations manager and then took over as the President of OSI Group.

David McDonald’s approach to achieving sustainability at OSI Group

OSI Group has been in the market for more than century. As a result, many people wonder how a company that is more than century old still be a world leader in the food industry. The secret is simple OSI Group ensures that it is up-to-date with the current trends in the industry. During his leadership, David McDonald has introduced numerous changes in the company that has helped in modernizing their facilities and facilities. David McDonald also understands that the market is constantly changing and therefore they have to change with it. It is for this reason that OSI Group has added new products such as sandwiches and pizza to range of products.

OSI Group’s acquisitions

The OSI Group utilizes the strategy of acquiring established food outlets to penetrate and dominate markets that have a huge potential. One of the recent acquisitions was Baho Food, a leading manufacturer of snacks, convenient foods and deli meats. OSI Group also purchased Flagship Europe to venture into the European market.

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