David McDonald, The Leader of OSI Industries

David McDonald was born in Iowa; he graduated from the Iowa state university in the year 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He later joined with OSI industries in Chicago where he started his career after school, and he worked through many ranks within the company until the topmost where he became the president. Since he joined the OSI David McDonald has been a man of great determination and commitment to the success of his company both as an employee and as the president.

OSI supplies protein product like beef patties, sandwiches, pizza, and sausages to food companies. Its headquarters is at Aurora, IIInois. It has branches in 17 countries worldwide. David McDonalds has brought improvements in both the companies processing and production areas. They consist of Poland beef processing facility, he also launched a feed meal at Shandong province and opened a plant in India which provides frozen foods. He was also the one behind the penetration of Geneva and Hungary markets. With sufficient experience in government policies and regulations, customers taste and talent pool the OSI industry has offered its client world-class services and products for over two decades now.

David McDonald, the company’s president, has made sure that every region office management team has an understanding of the customer’s culture and taste. On uniting with the Baho food, the OSI group president said that the joining of the two companies would ensure that their foreign customers around the world will enjoy taste buds and provide high-quality products that meet the international standard. He added that the Baho food company would retain its management and employees to help the two firms to attain success.

When at the CEOCFO interview David McDonald was asked to tell the original vision of the OSI group where he responded not knowing the original vision, yet he acknowledged the vision which they operate with 30 years since he joined the company he said that the main aim was to become a premier global food provider to branded companies. When asked about OSI plan for the next couple of years he said that the company aspires to become better and to add value to its customers by use of innovative solutions to the challenges they encounter in their business. While as the president, the OSI group joined with Baho food, expansion of feed meal and the Indian frozen food plant. All these are some of the many company ’s acquisitions in David’s era.

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