Demand for Healthy Dog Food Rises and Pet Food Companies are Responding

The Daily Herald recently reported on the rising concerns that dog owners have when it comes to the healthfulness of their pet’s food. As people begin to demand healthier foods for themselves and companies respond, it is only natural that they begin to search for quality food for their pets, as well. Companies are quickly responding to this consumer demand on Facebook. There has been renewed interest in the idea of eating “farm-to-table.” People care more about where their food comes from, how it is raised, and how wholesome it is. We are even seeing fast-food chains offer healthier, organic food options. It only makes sense that this concern would trickle down to what we feed our pets. For most people, dogs are simply another member of the family. Dog food companies know this and so we are seeing a surge of healthier options. For instance, Beneful dog food by Purina focuses on creating healthy and nutrition-packed food that dogs love. Beneful has been around for quite a while so owners feel good about giving their dogs something that they can trust. Beneful is based on healthy proteins such as beef, lamb, and chicken. Added to that are accent foods such as barley, carrots, and rice for the extra vitamins and other essential nutrients that those foods can provide. Beneful prides itself on using ingredients that are omega-rich and full of antioxidants. Understanding how much people care for their dogs, they are careful to be sure that they are using only wholesome ingredients that provide nutrients as opposed to fillers. Eating like your owner is what is next in pet care and long-standing, trusted companies are stepping up to meet that demand.

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