Desiree Perez and Her Active Role at Roc Nation

The 10-year old deal worth $150 million signed between rapper Jay Z of Roc Nation and Live Nation back in 2008 is almost coming to an end. Live Nation hopes to continue the deal with the rap mogul, but Jay might back out of music recording. According to reports, Jay Z is looking for other music bigwigs. This implies that either side could choose to sell their Roc Nation stakes to the other or completely purchase the company.

Roc Nation is a reputable record label that has paved the way for some notable American artists including Meek Mill, Shakira, and Rihanna. Before the news was made public, Jay together with his Roc Nation business partner met the Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group Sir Lucian Grange. Following the meeting, it was rumored that Universal Music Group could purchase a stake in Roc Nation. Purchasing Roc Nation stakes by the Universal Music Group will open doors to more musicians under Jay. However, according to Universal Music Group insiders, the company already has a small stake in Roc Nation. Making a larger investment will ensure that the Universal Music Group owns the main stakes in Roc Nation. At this time, Live Nation could sell the record label to another company or entirely purchase it. and more information click here.

About Desiree Perez

The CEO of Roc Nation is Desiree Perez. She has worked with Jay Z for more than 20 years now. Desiree Perez was brought up by her two parents in New York. She is presently one of the most respected Roc Nation members. Desiree Perez has unmatched negotiation skills actively takes part in important Roc Nation negotiations. For instance, she negotiated the deal between Rihanna and Samsung. Without her, many Roc Nation deals would not have happened. Other artists that Desiree Perez has worked with include Ty Smith, Shakira, and Jana Fleishman. and Follow him

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