Donald McDonald: His success story

The food industry is a very dynamic area in that there are new trends upcoming each day. There is also the aspect of people changing preferred food from time to time. Dealing with this industry requires one to go out of their way to keep up with the new trends and also meet customers’ need. OSI a privately owned company based in America has withstood all these odds and emerged very successful in this area. This company specializes in food production and supply of the same globally. Due to its global scope, it has to go an extra mile to meet the customer needs and provide quality food. This task greatly depends on the leadership in place in such a company. Well OSI can be said to have one of the best leaders ever.

Led by their Chief Operating Officer and President David McDonald the leadership of OSI has overseen great success. Being at the top of such a great a company comes with so much pressure and great expectations from the whole world at large. So how does this man David McDonald handle all of this? What is his success story like? Many people would ask such questions. This man was born in 1964; he was brought up in northeast Iowa. Success can be traced in his life even before he started his career; this can be seen in his exemplary performance at Iowa States University hence warranting him the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. He graduated with a degree in animal science from Iowa States University in 1987. He joined OSI right after graduating as the project manager and has slowly climbed the ranks to the top.

David has served in OSI for three decades, and in his tenure, great milestones have been built for the company. The company has expanded its capacity to having 65 facilities which are spread out in 17 countries. McDonald has overseen great partnerships being built for example one with Baho Foods which specializes in deli meat.OSI has also provided many internship opportunities to students. His impact has also been felt outside OSI as evidenced by the many leadership posts allotted to him. Some of these positions are Chairman of the directors of North American Meat Institute, Director at Marfrig Global Foods in South Africa.

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