Dr Avi Weisfogel: The Master in Treating Sleep Apnea

Dr Avi Weisfogel is a world renowned dentist whose keen interest in treating sleep apnea has helped define his career path. Dr Avi has always shown an interest in learning sleep apnea and their relation to lifestyle disease such as stroke and diabetes. Being a trained dentist didn’t stop him from learning the condition and get the desire to speak and create awareness about it. He has single-handedly trained physicians and dentist to show interest into their patients sleep patterns and trained them to diagnose and treat sleep apnea.

His extensive research and understanding of sleep apnea pushed him into founding the Dental Sleep Masters, a firm that is purposed to create awareness on the condition. He uses Dentist Sleep Masters as a platform to see patients with the condition and using his mastery for the condition to diagnose and treat the condition. Furthermore, he uses his office to train dentists on how they can perform dentistry services and also diagnose sleep apnea. Dr Avi weisfogel has a strong conviction that early treatment of the illness can help patients leave longer and more fulfilling lives.

Dr Avi, together with his team at Dentist Sleep Masters have created and brought forth a model that help physicians and dentist in understanding the condition. Bringing forth such an idea and selling it to other physicians would not be a success were it not for his extensive and exceptional skills in marketing. Starting his own organization and steering it into the right direction are some of his greatest achievements.

Outside his busy schedule, Dr Avi likes interacting with children and engaging in humanitarian activities that have a positive impact on people’s lives. His compassionate nature drove him to found the Fund Me Campaign. In this campaign, he leads his company and encourages other successful entrepreneurs to give back to the society. The Fund Me Campaign seeks to support the Operation Smile, an organization whose aim is to help the sick children in different parts of the world. the money funded is used to provide surgical procedures, medical supplies and meals for the children who, like everyone, deserve a good health.

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