Dr. Mark McKenna Improving Lifes Through Aesthetic Medicine.

For many doctors, helping people lead a happy and healthier life is the most fulfilling aspect of their career. However, there is one special surgeon who is helping thousands of patients across the country through his medical and entrepreneurial skills. That surgeon, Mr. Mark McKenna, is on a mission to help as many people achieve the body of their dreams.

Dr. Mark McKenna is the CEO of OVME Aesthetics. This unique company matches people with medical professionals who specialize in procedures. Because people are mostly unfamiliar with aesthetics medical professionals in their area, OVME helps patients find the right professional for their elective procedures. With the leadership of Dr. Mark McKenna, OVME Aesthetics is one of the most popular services of its kind.

With decades of experience in medicine, Dr. Mark McKenna saw an opportunity to create an easy way for patients to find the best experts for their botox, skin peel, body sculpting or body hair removal procedures. The result is that OVME Aesthetics is helping thousands of patients get the procedure they want from a qualified professional whom they trust.

In addition to his work with OVME Aesthetics, Dr. Mark McKenna is also active in his community, the city of New Orleans. In addition to being a board member for the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Mr. McKenna is also a board member of the New Orleans Development Board.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed medical doctor and surgeon. He is the CEO and founder of OVME Aesthetics. Dr, McKenna received his training at Tulane University’s School of Medicine. After graduation, Dr. McKenna practiced medicine and was also the founder of McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate investment firm. After the Hurricane Katrina disaster, Dr. McKenna shifted his entrepreneurial focus from real estate to the medical business. Today, Dr. Mark McKenna is the CEO of OVME a leading aesthetics medical company which helps the patient through their elective procedure process.

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