Eleven Experts From Securus Technologies Pass The Prestigious BICSI Installer 1 Exam

Securus Technologies is a premier provider of services to the criminal justice institutions of the United States. The fascinating growth of the company is reflected in the professional expertise of its technicians and field experts who have installed some of the most sophisticated security systems in prisons and criminal facilities across North America. In fact, analyst believes that one of the primary reasons for the continuous growth of Securus Technologies is investment in its manpower. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


Recently, the company announced that eleven of its field service specialists have completed the prestigious BICSI Installer 1 Certification. Experts all over the world, in more than 100 countries, seek the certification because it is considered as the pinnacle of achievement in on-field expertise. Unlike most other industry certifications, BICSI is different in the sense that it forces technicians to solve complex projects in a challenging environment. These environments involve designing, installation, managing and maintaining projects. Different real-life scenarios cover the entire spectrum of ICT projects from voice and data to audio-video systems. In general, projects involve pathways, spaces, optical fiber, copper-based distribution systems and wireless-based systems. Overall, technicians learn how to build a complex infrastructure while adhering to multiple international standards.


Danny de Hoyos, SVP of Operations for Securus Technologies explained that advanced certifications are necessary for technicians because Securus Technologies regularly works with clients who want the latest high-tech facilities for their projects. In fact, customers of Securus Technologies have become accustomed to the highest level of service, therefore it is important for technicians to deliver high-quality projects within a short passage of time. Perhaps, the commitment to quality is reflected in the experience of these experts who average more than 15 years of on-field experience. He added that Securus Technologies is also the largest and highly trained field service organization in the industry.


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