End Citizens United Expects To Raise Big Funds Before November

You can’t look at the work being done by End Citizens United and not leave with the impression that they have a clear and obvious mission. This PAC is providing the funding for some of the most important candidates we’ve seen in a long time. If they manage to pull off what they are intending to, it’s going to be one of the biggest upsets in American history. We are going to see the rise of an entirely new sort of politician who actively fights against the role of big money in politics. It’s a key step in undoing much of the damage that Citizens United has done to our politics.

You can clearly look at the money being raised by End Citizens United and see that it’s currently in the millions. This upcoming election season is going to be a major one and we’ll be talking about the results for some time. The last time Democrats have had this sort of energy was during the 2006 elections. They were able to make inroads that eventually gave Obama his path to victory. Now, End Citizens United wants to do that in this decade. The success of the 2018 elections are going to pave the road for the 2020 election. If people see a Congress that will stand up to Trump reach the top, they’re going to pick a president that will stand for everything Trump doesn’t stand for. Fighting big money in politics is going to be one of the most obvious ways to counter the current Trump agenda.

You don’t need to look far to see that the winds of politics are trending against the current regime and Congress. People do not like what Trump represents and what he has tried to do. They want to see someone that will stand against his agenda. This is where PACs must come in and provide funding for candidates. There is going to be plenty of resistance from corporations and they’re more than willing to provide the money the incumbents need to stop this wave. End Citizens United wants to do what it can to help bring things back into homeostasis they need to be in. This is going to require as much money as they can raise. Fortunately, it seems that this PAC is doing a great job of bring in the money. Ir won’t take too long to make it happen.

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