Eucatex: A long standing business

Eucatex was founded in 1951 on the 23rd of November in Brazil. Before this company was established, no other Brazilian company thought about the environment and acoustic comfort. There was also no other company in Brazil that had put much thought into the use of raw material to create ceiling tile and panels.Between the years, 1956-1965 the company establish its first representative offices in many different Brazillian capitals, as well in Argentina.

The production grew larger each day. The capacity begin to raised to 100 tons a day. In 1965, the company started to export ceiling tiles to Europe. After the 60 era, Bloomberg writes that Eucatex inaugurates a brand new hardboard mill.They also begin to use Industrial Unit. They knew that they were going to need bigger space, so they expanded their representatives office. By the time 1980, they had representative offices in Mexico, United States, Holland, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

It is also the time when the company begins to create paints. Initially, they only started producing paints to coats its ceiling tiles and panels, but that had soon changed. They begin to produce their products to more than 50 countries. There are four separate categories that their production has. Their categories are wood, mineral, metallic, and forestry.

In the year 1994, the company began to create in an array of paints in their laboratories. In 1996, the company received notoriety. The company was the first Brazilian company that was given the honor of the ISO 9001 certificate. In the year 2011, they had celebrated their 60th anniversary as a market leader and a major component for laminate floors, doors, wall partitions, and MDF panels.They now export to more than 30 countries worldwide. They have over 2000 employees.

With so many years of being in business, who is now the leader of running such a successful company? That person is Flávio Maluf. He is an exceptional entrepreneur and a mechanical engineer. He studied at the institution FAAP.In addition to being the president of Eucatex, he is also a leader in the company Group Grandford.

Eucatex is one of those companies that will be around forever. They made all of the right decisions to be able to retain longevity. They are revolutionizing in Brazil, and they had been making waves since they first open their doors sixty years ago. Other companies should take directions from this business because they know how to make the right decisions at the right time.

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