Eucatex Group Turns Focus To Recycling

As a global leader in building supplies, paints and varnishes, Eucatex Group knows it must pay a great deal of attention to helping sustain our planet for future generations. There are many programs and policies in place that ensure Eucatex Group is doing what it can, but one of the most impressive the Eucatex Recycling Program.

The Eucatex Recycling Program has been established to reuse wood residue left over after the production of many Eucatex products. This residue has uses that help lessen the impact of our time on Earth. A great way to do this is by using the wood residue as an energy source to help lessen our dependence on natural gas and oil.

Eucatex Group welcomes wood materials for recycling. Several materials can be brought into the recycling center, including pallets, pieces of wood and building rubble. There are many advantages to becoming a recycling partner with a global company such as Eucatex Group. More information on this can be found at their website.

The steps in the Eucatex Recycling Program are pretty straightforward. Working with the vendors, Eucatex decide on a course of action for the recycled materials. Once decided, the materials can be shipped to the plant or collected and brought back. Once there, the materials undergo a crushing and removal process. During this time, items such as metals are removed from the wood materials. The materials are then cleaned, separated and stored. When needed, the material is used to generate energy or reverted back to be used in the recycling process.

The Eucatex Recycling Program is just one of many great programs implemented under the presidency of Flávio Maluf. Maluf, who worked his way up through the ranks at Eucatex Group to become president, lead with a modernization attitude. During this time, new plants were opened and other programs were increased or created to both improve the brand and the planet.

Recycling is a proven way to help sustain the Earth for our children. Eucatex Group wants to use this proven technology to help reduce our dependence on natural gas energy. The Eucatex Recycling Program is the first major step in this mission.

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