“Everyone Matters at Stansberry Research”

Stansberry Research LLC has the job of providing a pre-market briefing on trading opportunities in currency, commodity markets, and the global stock; along with news and price updates on all the major stock markets of the world. If a person need updated on copper, gold, the dollar, oil, and individual stock market sectors then Stansberry Research LLC would be the place to look. The reason Stansberry Research LLC has the ability to provide these updates are because it is a subscription-based, investment research firm publisher of financial information and software. The pros that come with being an investment research firm and subscription-based publisher is that it can provide facts about trading opportunities while publishing recommendations, strategies, and opinions to its subscribers.

Stansberry Research was founded in 1999 as an independent investment research firm and since then has thrived using two principles: give their customers the information they would want if their roles were reversed and to only publish analysts whose advice and strategies they would want their own families to read and to follow. These principles have made Stansberry a successful company. The Baltimore, Maryland based company was founded in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry with the goal in mind to cater to investors. From the success of Stansberry Research, the conclusion can be drawn that the goal Frank Porter Stansberry had for his company became reality.

Stansberry Research colleague, Steve Sjuggerud, has shared an experience with the company on their website editorial section under the article “A Bull Market in Everything”. Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, the editor of True Wealth, is known for the usage of powerful computer software to pinpoint sectors most likely to return 100% or more profit on his webpage. Dr. Steve Sjuggerud shared his experience that occurred when he first became an investment professional. He stated that over twenty five years ago, he experienced his first “Melt Up”. It was 1933 and China was the topic that all investors discussed. Every investor wanted to work with China and to buy “China Plays” now known as China stock for their customers. Mr. Sjuggerud was new to stockbroking in the United States so when the phone started ringing off the hook with new leads, he felt that he was on the top of the world. He was buying up everything, but two months later after all the investing, the stock dropped 90%. Mr. Sjuggerud soon came to the news that he was actually trading with China during the middle of a Melt Up in Hong Kong. He went from the top of the world to being nearly broke in months. This was quite a lesson for Dr. Sjuggerud, and he is grateful that companies such as Stansberry Research LLC makes sure no one else will have to go through terrible experience.


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