Exclusive Interview with Sergio Cortes: Michael Jackson Impersonator

If you are wondering why Sergio Cortes has over 16,000 real fans following him on Facebook, you only need visit his fan page to instantly find out. His uncanny resemblance to the king of pop Michael Jackson goes deeper than just his looks, he sounds like him, walks like him, talks like him, dances like him, sings like him, and interacts with his growing legion of fans just like the legend. Sergio Cortes is more than the celebrity impersonator he is labeled, he embodies everything that is Michael Jackson, and he lives that way every moment of his life.

Sergio Cortes admits that it takes a unique level of talent to be able to pull off being a celebrity impersonator, and he is humbled by the fact his fans are so loyal to him. Sergio says he feels this unique opportunity to keep the legend alive is his privilege, and he treats every fan and appearance in the same professional manner that he would expect Michael Jackson himself to do.

The similarity between Michael Jackson and Sergio Cortes are not recent, they in fact go back many years to when Sergio was just a young man. Now 43 years old, when Sergio was a teen, his mother commented how he closely resembled the young Michael Jackson, who was at that time still singing lead for the popular Jackson 5 music group. His mother snapped a picture that would change his life, as he realized he did share an uncanny resemblance to a superstar at a young age. As he grew, he look changed just like that of the king of pop.

Sergio today receives invitations to perform on many different popular musicals, including the American Idol show that travels to several different countries around the world. Sergio Cortes says, “It is much harder to have to incorporate the good as well as bad in the celebrity that you are impersonating, you have to know everything about him, then interpret it in your life. Michael’s had a big impact on my life.”

Sergio Cortes feels that by treating his performances professionally in every way, he himself has learned to overcome all the pain associated with losing Michael.

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Source: R7

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