Fabletics Makes Shopping Experience Easier And More Effective

Setting oneself apart in the fashion industry is no easy task considering the sheer amount of players in the market. The online fashion industry is even more gruesome to break into because of the demolition of otherwise present geographical borders. Brands in different parts of the world can find customer bases where they would never have expected to before the internet.


Fabletics is one company that has managed to shine even in the face of fierce competition in the online sphere. The brand has honestly been able to set them apart and has come forward to become a force to be reckoned with. The name was founded by Kate Hudson, who is also the inspiration and face of the brand. Being someone who is incredibly involved with personal fitness, she knew the activewear market more than anyone else. Being a regular consumer of the goods that the market put out, she was able to come up with lines of clothing that appealed to a vast majority of fitness lovers and fashionistas alike.


One of the more surprising factors is regarding the popularity of the brand, and how they reached that position. Fabletics knew that the clothing that they put out was extremely comfortable and functional, but they wanted to find ways to market that in ingenious ways. That’s when they decided to put in motion a marketing plan that most brands tend to shy away from. Fabletics agreed that it would be a good idea to implement a membership or subscription system to appeal to people, and to attract a large audience who would keep buying from the brand. This membership system made it so that customers would always get at least one set of activewear per month, which is more than what people typically tend to buy. This system was hugely successful, and people started opting for it, and even preferring it more than traditional buying options that sites offer.


When a person goes out to buy clothing from tar and mortar shops, they are often greeted and guided by an assistant or salesperson who helps them choose the best options for them. However, online, there is no person to guide you through the process. But Fabeltics wanted to implement that system and therefore decided to incorporate some of the most recent AI to show customers options according to their likes and preferences. This AI detects the consumer’s buying patterns and then shows them options that fit those criteria. This has helped make the online shopping experience a lot more efficient and customer friendly and saves them time which they would otherwise have to spend scrolling through pages worth of products.


Even though they tried to incorporate a real-store like feeling on their website, they decided to twist it around, even more, when it came to their physical stores. The Fabletics stores that are now at numerous locations around the country serve as a place for customers to try on what they see online. What makes it different from other stores is that they do not have to buy it in store, but instead go online and purchase the products in their own time.

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