Family Found OK After 10 Days in the Wilderness

One Australian family has extra cause to celebrate this week. A father and his two young sons and Keith Mann have been found after surviving in the Australian wilderness for 10 days with little food or water and treacherous weather conditions.

December 11th is when the ordeal began for Steven Van Lonkhuyzen and his two sons Timothy, 5 years old, and Ethan who is 7 years old. The family was out for a road trip when Van Lonkhuyzen took a wrong turn and got the family vehicle stuck in the mud. The conditions for the family were rough over the next 11 days. Temperatures skyrocketed to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and limited cell phone reception.

Once the family had not arrived to their destination, the mother of the two boys called authorities. Luckily for the family farmer Tom Wagner began searching Expedition National Park and found them.

What could have been a tragedy for this family is now something to be thankful for. To see pictures and a detailed story check out

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  1. The family is recuperating and the boys are in the hospital listed as stable condition. The family survived on the little food they had brought with them as well as collected rain water. It is nice for essayontime to get all that is needed and to ensure all these things come to pass for them to succeed.

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