Fantasy Football Rankings-Martavis Bryant Edition

When you start your fantasy football team, you tend to look at the fantasy football rankings list. A lot of times people want to take a running back or a quarterback in the first round, but more recently the trend is to draft a WR1. So where does Martavis Bryant come into play?

Martavis Bryant could easily be your teams WR1. He has the ability. He just needs to stay on the field. He cannot have any more suspensions or injuries. He needs to grow up. He ranks highly in most fantasy football rankings but owners are still a little weary of selecting him.

Most people would say he shouldn’t be high enough to be a WR1 in any fantasy football rankings, but he has played well when he is on the field. He even performs well when LeVeon Bell and Antonio Brown are on the field.

When you make your fantasy football rankings list before the season starts keep Martavis Bryant in mind. He could win you your league.


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