Felipe Montoro Jens -Developments from Discussions Concerning Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions

The 30th of June 2017, was the first time that the relevant stakeholders met to discuss the management of projects to be done on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Concessions. According to Felipe Montoro Jens, an Infrastructure expert, subjects about public market, sanitation projects, public lighting, public clocks, Guiba Water Park as well as the construction of new head offices for the Hospital Materno Infantil Presidente Vargas dominated the discussions.

Several mayors including for the capital of Rio Grande do Sul was in attendance, and he postulated that the meeting was held to determine priorities, areas, and services that the government needed to [partner with the private sector for faster and accelerated results. According to Mayor Nelson Marcheza of Porto Alegre, PPPs is one of the mechanisms through which the Brazil can overcome its financial crisis by implemented PPPs projects in several areas of municipal administration. For this reason, the mayor had to sign the May 2 Decree 19736 that founded the Municipal Program Partnerships (PROPAR/POA) and the Program Management Board Partnerships (CGP) enabling its application.

According to Mr. Montoro, the CGP was tasked with ensuring governance and active transparency for the initiatives that will be done under the PPPs and Concessions. Owing to the financial crisis facing Brazil, participants of CGP will not be paid, and their role is a seen as purely public service initiative to improve the country’s infrastructure.

About Felipe Montero Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is an accomplished infrastructural professional and entrepreneur with diverse experiences working as a financier, controller, and planner in both the private and public sectors of several countries like the UK, US, and Brazil. Currently, Montoro is the Director of Braskem Adr Repr. Formerly, Felipe Montoro worked at Terna S.P.A and Enron where his roles included project development and structured finance.

Other than infrastructure and property management, Felipe has worked in other sectors like water, audit, sewerage technology and petroleum. Due to his remarkable expertise and working experience, Felipe has been appointed to serve on the boards of several international businesses and establishments where his expert opinions are highly considered.

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