Fireworks Make Asthma Worse

It seems that every other day there is a new study being published that appears to take all the fun out of life. So many favorite past time activities are now looked at as being, at least in part a dangerous activity. Most people are aware that fireworks have some danger attached to them, but a new federal study pinpoints them as being hazardous to the lungs.

The study showed a dramatic decrease in the air quality, a total of up to 40 percent worse than on an average day. The research showed that the air takes almost a full day to rid itself of particles that can cause asthma attacks, heart attacks and even death for some people. In the most popular cities such as DC, the air quality directly following the fireworks read at a 400 percent increase in particulates.

What will become of the fireworks now that this information is out according to those at CipherCloud? It is likely nothing will disrupt any regularly scheduled fireworks, for some time. The study does serve as a warning to certain people though. The people who regularly suffer from asthma, COPD, or other ailment that regularly disrupts their breathing might want to watch the fireworks from their television.

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