Flávio Maluf – How has he changed Eucatex?

Blogspot writes that Flávio Maluf is a businessman who has changed the world of ceilings and home building in the past few years. He has guided the Eucatex brand to a whole new level because of how he builds brands in his unique ways. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex S.A. Industrial eCommerce since April 29 of 2005. As Vice Chief Executive at some point, he has become a hardworking officer who understands the process involved. Completing his bachelor’s degree in Mechanic Engineering is what helped prepare him for working with Eucatex. His understanding on business, creating a brand, and finding new solutions for customers to getting the best services possible.

He has worked with banks like Citibank and has managed a wide variety of businesses over the years before jumping on Eucatex. He has changed the world of business on so many levels because of how he deals with everyone.

Eucatex provides quality panels and ceiling tiles to countries around the globe. They provide quality items all across the world exporting their products to tons and tons of different nations. They have provided their products to more than 36 countries. With four offices and almost 3,000 employees, they remain a success in the industry. They are the first company to provide acoustic comfort and eucalyptus as their main raw material when it comes down to producing their panels and ceilings. Flávio played a huge role on how they delivered their new business. His decisions on items, product placement, product development, and future growth is what has helped the company in so many ways. Since their humble beginnings back in the 1950’s, they have grown to become Brazil’s top brand for all the things they need to take care of when it comes down to painting, varnishes, ceilings, and panels. Their quality approach to business is what has catapulted them forward to achieving real success.

Their brand has changed the way businesses work. Flávio has a great understanding of the industry since he has held multiple positions for the brand. Whether it was working on finding new employees or crafting their latest new product, he has done it all. Flávio is a professional businessman with the right college education under his belt that has helped him become a success.

Eucatex is among one of the biggest companies in Brazil. This manufacturing company has created a safe haven for people and brands from other countries to get quality products.

One thing any businessman can learn from this guy and this business is that quality is key. Providing top notch service is also very important. Being among the best in the industry plays a vital role on the success you gain down the road.

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