Former Hawks Ownership Files a Litigation against Insurance Firm over Ferry Defrayal

The Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball LLC, the NBA franchise former ownership group, has filed lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Firm for contract breaching that involved claims raised by Danny Ferry. AHBE included Bruce Levenson, the controlling partner, in the lawsuit. The litigation had nothing to do with the current ownership of the company. Tony Ressler is the current leader of AHBE.

The litigation was filed in Fulton County Senior Court in September against the above-described company. It featured a contract-breach civil litigation and bad faith in the insurance policy. AHBE claims that they were covered under a loss-related coverage policy and employment practices. This includes workplace torts and wrongful termination of work. According to the document presented in court, AIG got a notice from AHBE on April 12, 2015 that Ferry asserted the claims that were to be covered by the insurance policy.

Hawks ownership and Ferry reached a buyout agreement in June that ended their six-year relationship. The 18 million contract that was signed in 2012. The Ressler-led group approved the sale agreement for the franchise after two days. According to Hawks ownership, they are aware of the current complaint. They refrained from commenting on the litigation because they have no ties with the former property.

According to the litigation, AIG has failed to cover the losses accrued by the company. The insurance company says that it is not liable because it is not justified to clear the claim.

Brice Levenson is an Entrepreneur from America. He is a renowned philanthropist ( and former owner of NBA team. He is a Jewish based in Washington, D.C. he attended Washington University and pursued a law degree at the University of America. He began a journalism career while attending law school part time. He is the founder of UCG (United Communications Group).

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