FreedomPop Opens UK Market

FreedomPop Wireless has over 600,000 subscribers in the United States. They hope to increase their base to over a million users by the end of 2015. However, while they are focusing on growing their current base in the American market, they are also looking to global expansion. They already have services in the Netherlands, and by December, services will be available in the UK. Currently, they are alpha-testing in this area of the world to help work out any bugs before they offer services.

With plans that range from free up to $14 per month, it’s obvious that this service will be great for those who are on a budget and who don’t want to break the bank. So many people don’t use their smartphones very much. For those who just use their phones for basic calls and don’t really need data very much it is perfect. Because FreedomPop on is so inexpensive, this gives them a competitive edge on the global market.

Within the next few years, FreedomPop wants to have eight new markets opened. They are not planning on selling cell phones to all these locations, as users would have to bring their own phone. This doesn’t mean they won’t offer the same great plans they offer in the US, because they will offer great plans at affordable rates, but the phone part is not going to be part of the deal. However, they will have phones by the end of the year in the UK.

Users in the UK will get 200 minutes of calling, up to 500 text messages and up to 500 MB of data each month for no charge. That’s outstanding and will rival most of their competitors making them the dominate force in the cell phone market. The company understands that these low limits won’t work for everyone in the company, but there are a vast majority that will find these plans attractive.

FreedomPop uses Sprint’s lines so any Sprint cell phone can be brought along and used with their services. Any phone that is unlocked can be utilized. There have been many talks of mergers and acquisitions, as most of the big companies want in on the ground floor of this outstanding company. For now, the 18-month-old business is choosing to fly alone. The UK customer base has already begun growing online by interest before the company even launches. It’s just a matter of time till this area will have the free cell service they desire.

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