George Soros Sponsors Hillary Clinton’s Campaigns

The indefatigable George Soros has been around for a long time, done it all yet he continues to be an active figure in politics, human rights and other topics of global concern. At the moment, political parties in the United States are embroiled in nominations towards elections for the next leader of the free world. George being a pro-democratic advocate cannot be left out of participation.


Though not a citizen of the United States, George Soros has spent a very long time in the country since migrating from London. He speaks highly of the American hospitality seeing that he came to the country as a little refugee with skills in hedge fund management. It is the same country that afforded him career opportunities, and Soros got to work for the best hedge funds in the world. Soros rose through the ranks and as his experience built he got more clients to his side.


When George Soros decided to get into private practice, he had amassed massive wealth in the Unites States. Since then, he lives as a citizen of the land who has lived the American Dream. George is known for his philanthropy in the political and social scene. In the past, he has pledged support for President Obama as well as other liberal and democratic candidates.


Last year, he waved his hand for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. In December, he presented a huge donation of $6 million for her campaigns. The donation raised made headlines as it enabled Clinton’s team to reach the targeted $40 million for 2015. Earlier in the year, Soros made separate contributions of about $1 million each to pro-Clinton groups. Forbes billionaire George Soros is observed to be the largest contributor to Clinton’s campaigns this year. The last time he spent similar amounts was in 2004 in support of movements against President Bush.


George Soros in a known admirer of Clinton, a relationship that dates back to the party primaries in 2012. This time, Soros remains hopeful Clinton can clinch the Democratic Party ticket and go on to win the elections. The Clinton camp feels proud to have the financial backing of influential figures like Soros. It adds to the enthusiasm and energy of the campaigns. The Soros donation was covered on


Elsewhere, Mr. Soros remains committed to furthering the course of Open Society Foundations. The work of coordinating networks of partners and projects in over a hundred states never proves too much for Soros. The 85-year old billionaire exudes the energy of a twenty-year-old. Since 1979, George’s quest to see a just and transparent society stirs his passion. They have made substantial gains in countries like South Africa and Ukraine. Learn more about the Open Society Foundations at


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