George Soros the Humanitarian

Imperfections characterize the world. Everybody works towards selfish goals be it socially, politically or economically. This trends also applies to nation states. It is, therefore, important to seek ways of ensuring equity while taking the time to facilitate the exchange of culture and ideas.

George Soros has contributed so much towards making this planet a comfortable place for humanity. He has an ingenious way of converting these imperfections and human flaws into perfect social systems.

According to George Soros, most of the problems man faces today arise from his tendency to deny truths of life. This problem is further compounded by the lack of education as well as conflictive cultures. Some social institutions with such tendencies have prospered while others have caused suffering and death. Ideal examples are the communist orders of past decades observed in Eastern Europe. George Soros grew up in such times hence his passion for promoting peace and understanding.

George Soros is a human rights lobbyist. He advocates for a social set up where all members of society receive equal treatment. Diversity must be embraced to achieve equality. That which makes us different also makes us unique, and we must appreciate it. Growing up in a violent society, George acknowledges the need to give people freedom and actively fight against violations of human rights. George Soros asserts that every society must place priceless value on life. By so doing, all members of society share the same platform of prosperity and peaceful coexistence.

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations have been instrumental in spreading his philosophies. They help to establish tolerance and good governance in developing societies around the world. The organizations help shape the fundamental principles of living in societies around the world.

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The foundation had a great impact in South Africa during the apartheid. Here, political detainees received free legal counsel courtesy of George Soros and his associates. He has always been in the forefront of condemning violations of human rights against the innocent. Previously, he condemned the escalation of the war in natural resource endowed areas where mining companies and corrupt regimes hire gangs to reign terror and bring war. People are forced to flee, and the sponsors of such conflicts end up benefiting from the resources.

George Soros believes a democracy promotes the existence of an open society. In a democratic system, the citizens’ majority have their way. The administration structures in place respect rights and freedoms. The citizens hold the government accountable. The presence of civic groups in a democracy keeps activism alive and ensures transparency.

The Open Society Foundations European countries played a huge part in undermining communism and socialism during the cold war era. In Ukraine George Soros efforts paid off decades as witnessed by the emergence of a more empowered Ukrainian society with democratic space. In his admission, he feels vindicated for the good work his associates and partners did.

George Soros continues to be vocal on issues affecting innocent lives. Today he is leading the calls for a permanent solution to the Syrian conflict and resulting humanitarian crisis as reported by MarketWatch.


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