Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tool Scholarship For Returning Veterans

The people of the U.S. are grateful to those veterans who return home from active duty, but many of us do not consider how these skilled military personnel return to life at home. I was impressed by a PR Newswire article about the role Goettl Air Conditioning is taking in providing funding for veterans who are looking to return to everyday life by becoming HVAC experts at the College of Southern Nevada; Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl has impressed me greatly by adding to his already large philanthropic finding for the College of Southern Nevada by adding a $1,000 scholarship to aid a veteran graduating from the educational institution to be used for tools.

Embarking in a career in the air conditioning industry can be an expensive part of life, which I believe Ken Goodrich understands because of the career he himself began as a ten year old assisting his father in repairing air conditioning equipment. I believe Ken Goodrich has been looking to aid those entering the HVAC industry in his home state of Nevada to make sure the best possible employees are available for his company, but also to make sure those who serve the U.S. have the best chances available for a bright future.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a name we can all trust in Arizona and Nevada for the best in air conditioning repair and maintenance, which I feel comes from the historic nature of the company that was established in 1939. For myself I believe the use of Goettl to maintain my own air conditioning equipment is important as the temperatures in these parts of the world reach an average of 90F for a large chunk of the year and can make life difficult to bare with inadequate cooling equipment.

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