Goettl Air Conditioning Reaches Out To Las Vegas Community

Goettl Air Conditioning has built a reputation for itself on being one of the top HVAC service companies in the nation. Goettl serves the Tempe and greater Phoenix areas of Arizona, but they also have branches in Tucson and now Las Vegas. Goettl has had outstanding customer service and always responds promptly whenever a customer’s air conditioner or heating system quits working. But they also are experts in choosing the right HVAC system for a home in terms of energy efficiency and not just the largest most powerful machine out there. All their products are environmentally tested and certified by Energy Star.

Goettl Air Conditioning’s values come from their founders Adam and Gust Goettl who started the company back in 1939. The company values integrity and treating both employees and customers as family. Goettl is committed to not just doing a quick job, but a thorough and satisfactory job. Goettl hires fully trained and certified technicians and even sponsors training programs at local community colleges. They have donated funds to scholarship programs for former military veterans to enroll in these programs and purchase repair tools. But Goettl has also given back to local community charities and even lent their services to needy families.

This last Christmas Goettl Air Conditioning visited the Stephenson family’s home in Las Vegas. This family struggled to make ends meet and on top of the many home repairs they couldn’t afford their central heating system failed to heat many areas of their home and was costing hundreds in heating bills every month. So Goettl decided to repair this family’s heating system for free and install a zone-controlled features into it. Zone-controlled air allows users to designate areas of the home that require more or less heat to take in needed air flow and save on power when not needed. Thanks to Goettl’s generosity, the Stephensons have been able to save much needed money.

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