Goettl Business Owner Ken Goodrich Plays It Forward


Ken Goodrich is the idea businessman. He knows how to get into a business and turn things around. I have researched his career, and I know that he had a lot to do with totally turning around companies like the Goettl Air Conditioning company. I think that it is commendable that he is now getting the ability to turn things around and give someone else a helping hand.

I have often heard the phrase “Play It Forward” for a lot of small things in life. I have had the person in front of me to pay for my order in a drive thru. I have also taken up the tab for others in a grocery store line as well. This are small acts of kindness. Ken Goodrich, however, may have taken this to a new extreme by providing a veteran with a $1,000 scholarship. This is quite impressive because the person that he gave the scholarship to – Nick Hughes – was having a hard time adjusting to life as a civilian. He wasn’t sure what his future would be like after he departed from the Navy.

The scholarship recipient is going into the HVAC industry, and this works out perfectly for Ken Goodrich, the owner of an air conditioning company. Ken may have the opportunity to give Hughes a job after graduation and see the results of the scholarship that he has given.

I think that this is a good thing because it challenges the recipient of the scholarship to work hard. He may even “Play It Forward” and share his success by giving when he gets out and acquires a job. That is what this type of event does. It humbles people and inspires them to do something good for someone else in their time of need.


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