Goodell Won’t Say a Word

Roger Goodell and the National Football League are taking their sweet and precious time to make any real responses to the allegations that have caused a media storm and dominated every sports conversation on television regarding the New England Patriots purposely deflating footballs in a game against the Indianapolis Colts. The controversy has been created due to the fact that deflated balls are much easier to grip and throw and would have given the Patriots a great competitive advantage in the rainy game that was played last Sunday. Head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady have both given press conferences in which they both stated that they had no idea about anything in regards to footballs being deflated and refused to stray from that stance entirely. Someone obviously deflated the footballs and there is no one else who would order that other than Tom Brady and every major quarterback from the past has agreed on that. Tom Brady has to be the culprit, but there is question as to whether or not Bill Belichick knew anything about it. Fans like Bernardo Chua agree that Roger Goodell had better come down with a strong fist on the New England Patriots if the allegations prove to be true if he wants to keep his job. More on Chua is available at drink-better-coffee.

One thought on “Goodell Won’t Say a Word

  1. It is looking like he didn’t have any insight, but there is no proof at this time pointing either direction. He has been making an absolute mockery out of the NFL in the last few seasons. It is very possible that the employee resume could take on something others can’t which is also very important too.

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