Graham Edwards and Telereal: The Successful Partnership and Global Leadership

There are a lot of formal academic papers written about Telereal Trillium that adumbrates everything you need to know about the company. However, you might find it too tedious to read those articles. Those articles are annoying to read and may be time-consuming for you. What you need is a short one. What you need is a digest of the relevant information about Graham Edwards, the CEO of Telereal Trillium without losing the essential details. This article below might be the one you need.


The Head of Telereal

One impressive thing that you should learn about Graham Edwards is the fact that he’s right now the chief executive of Telereal and has been so ever since the company was founded in 2011. Sure, there might be other offers outside Telereal that can be tempting to Mr. Edwards, but the truth of the matter is, his heart is in the current company ( His heart is in the passion to offer various property projects that are able to increase the asset value of Telereal to £2.4bn in property outsourcing trades.

You should also not forget the fact that it was the help of Graham Edwards that the 6,700 properties that are now part of Telereal have been made possible. It is also part of Graham Edwards’ astonishing success to be able to establish a series of negotiations that raised the market value of Trillium, which went beyond its former parent company, Securities Group Plc. It is this purchase and separation that was able to establish the astounding record of Telereal to be one of the leading investment and property outsourcing companies today, which in its combined assets and annual revenues have reached an excess of about a billion dollars.


Global Partnership

It might also be inspiring to include here the fact that before Telereal Trillium, Graham was already a well-trained specialist and leader who both has the passion and willingness to maintain and sustain the increased growth of a global company. When Graham was the Chief Investment Officer for Talisman Global Asset Management, he was able to establish the company as part of the renowned list of market leaders under the Pears FSA Registered Asset Management recognition.



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