Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium

In 2001 a new company was formed in Britain called Telereal Trillium, the company was geared towards tactical property management and development. The formation of Telereal Trillium was a revolutionary moment with powerful consequences for bother telecom investors as well as the property market of the United Kingdom as a whole. The company was created by Graham Edwards who instantiated the company as its CEO (chief executive officer). To understand how the company and its CEO Graham Edwards caused such a big impact upon the field and, indeed, the economy of an entire country, one has to take a look at some of the particulars of the deal which created it.


The Making of a Successful Company

In 2001 the company BT (British Telecomholdings) agreed upon a thirty-year long venture with Telereal Trillium. The deal saw the movement of over £ 2.38 billion, nearly all of BT’s estates as well as 6,700 pieces of property, which Telereal Trillium promptly acquired. Big shake ups. The deal also allowed BT to reduce their properties by nearly forty percent whilst BT then utilized those same properties for value generation through redevelopment. All of this occurred due to the steadfast leadership of Graham Edwards who rigorously developed a dedicated team of assest managers to tackle any problems which might arise during the changeups.

Graham Edwards himself was uniquely placed for tackling this challenge due to his extensive background in investment (Releasefact). Graham Edwards acquired his education at the well-known Cambridge University, where he studied economics, from there the would-be CEO went on to work at some of the most cutting-edge and dynamic companies around, including Merrill Lynch Investment Management as well as Talisman Global Asset Management. Talisman today, in large part due to the previous work of Graham Edwards and his hand selected team, is now worth in excess of 1 billion pounds.




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