Graham Edwards Knows How to Develop A Company

Graham Edwards had been well known in the property management and investing fields for quite some time and has quite an extensive portfolio. He has been the chief executive officer of at Telereal Trillium Ltd in London since 2001 and has generated billions of dollars in revenue for the company ever since. This knowledge has placed him on many well known boards and societies throughout England (Relationshipscience).

With a degree from Cambridge University and beautiful England, Graham has an impressive education and work ethic. He has held the position of a chief investment officer at a management company and worked in their assets department generating large amounts of money. Graham was able to bring these skills with him when he joined Telereal and the path to success has been immensely profitable. With his expertise involving the Department for Work and Pensions, Graham scored a billion dollar contract for Telereal Trillium.

Graham sits on several committees all across England and the area of Wales including the Institute for Chartered Accountants, the Association of Corporate Treasurers, and the UK Society of Investment Professionals. Along with many other affluent and education professionals, Graham is a Fellow if the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Since 2004, Graham has been the driving force behind wealth building for Telereal. This is evident on his handling of a £1 billion acquisition deal that he steered. With skills like this, Graham can not be stopped.

When he isn’t making his affluent company large sums of money, Graham loves to advance his already impressive education. He is earning his masters degree from King’s College London and is studying International Relations with a concentration in the affairs of the Middle East.

Graham has several interest in areas such as finance and engineering. He also loves to give back to England and the world at large, and has done extensive work as a philanthropist. This is a man who takes pride in doing charitable work for humanity. For more information on he CEO of Telereal Trillium Graham Edwards, be sure to take a look at the company’s informative website.


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