Graham Edwards of Telereal Trillium Leading the Company to Growth

Businessman Graham Edwards has been on top of the Telereal Trillium as its Chief Executive Officer since 2011. The company works in investment and property, providing management services for the commercial property. Theheaqyartrs of the corporation is in London, England. The business was started up in 1997. The Tlereal Trillium Ltd. has 420 employees as of 2014.

Telereal Trillium is the landlord of the British Telecom Tlc as well as their service provider. The corporation also works for institutions such as the United Kingdom Department of Work and Pensions.

Mr. Graham Edwards has worked in a variety of fields over the course of his careers such as mining, real estate, engineering, water, and software. He is also highly involved in philanthropy and is on several boards and committees such as those of the One Voce Europe, the Portland Trust, UK MDA, British Friends of the Hebrew University, UJIA, and the World ORT and Pennies, to name a few.

Mr. Graham Edwards concluded his higher education at the Cambridge University from where he graduated in Economics. He then continued his education at the King’s College London where he studied at the War Studies Department. Mr. Graham Edwards holds a master’s degree in International Relations with a specialization in the Middle East.

Mr. Graham Edwrds is currently a member of the association of Corporate Treasures, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals, and he is also Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

The Telereal Trillium Tcl is under the parent company B Pears Trust. It has established a portfolio through managing more than 8 000 properties across the United Kingdom. The corporation has been in partnerships with some of the largest occupiers in the country and has developed a reputation of a reliable service provider and commercial property manager (Releasefact).

In terms of investment, the Telereal Trillium makes investments in the industry of real estates such as alternative asset classes, and asset-backed operating companies, among else. The business strives towards an evergrowing understanding of the market and what occupiers need and prefer to deliver premier services.



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