Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium’s First Round Draft Pick

It is known in business, that in addition to a solid product, the most important -art of creating a successful company is having the right person at the helm. Graham Edwards became Chief Executive of Telereal in 2001, and after leading successful negotiations to acquire Trillium in 2009, he became the CEO of the newly formed Telereal Trillium.

Accomplishments have never been far from Edwards. After attending Cambridge University for economics, Edwards worked his way up the business food chain, from a head of finance at BT group, to fund manager at Merrill Lynch, and Chief Investment Officer for Talisman Global Asset Management. After a string of successes that would make any CEO blush, it felt timely for Edwards to achieve his Chief Executive role in 2001 (Crunchbase).

Truly a man of action, Edwards has not allowed his business success go to his head. Philanthropy appears to be his true calling. Edwards is on the board for The Portland Trust ( which stands as a non-profit organization committed to improving relations between Israelis and Palestinians around the globe. Additionally, Edwards works with World ORT ( which is a vocational education group for Jewish Students. Beyond those two organizations, Edwards also does work for One Voice Europe, UK MDA and many others.

Telereal Trillium is no small company to head, and certainly requires an experienced and driven CEO like Edwards. Since the purchase of Trillium, the company acts as a large commercial property management organization with a focus on investment management. Regularly considered one of London’s largest property companies, Telereal Trillium manages a 86 million square foot footprint, and according to their own statistics, maintain 1% of the United Kingdom’s workforce.

It would appear on paper that Telereal Trillium has their first round draft pick in Graham Edwards. It is rare in the business world that we see a CEO like Mr. Edwards with such an inspiring mix of business skill, experience, drive and compassion. It would be difficult to let a Chief Executive like Edwards walk away any time soon.


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