Great Mobile Visual Search Products from Slyce

Image Recognition and Search Products for Retailers
Slyce is showcasing a selection of New Suite of Mobile Visual Search Products. This is for Retailers at The announcement has been made that Slyce Inc. will be showcasing a complete and full line up of search tools. These are visual and are intended for retailers. These will be showcased on

Snap an Image
The visual search technology from Slyce will now allow and enable the user to snap an image. This can be an image of a 2D or a 3D item. This will then be able to be presented with near matching items that are from the retailer’s inventory. These products will then be able to be purchased at any point of impulse. These are items that are currently powering search for some of the biggest global retailers. These include:
* JCPenney
* Home Depot
* Neiman Marcus
* Tilly’s

Many Other Exclusive Products Showcased
There are many other proprietary products that are being showcased that are from Slyce during Expect a preview of beta products. These will see market deployment soon. These items are meant to assist and help the retailers in the increasing mobile engagement from the consumer. Included are:
* boost mobile-based revenues
* access rich
* consumer intelligence through Big Data that is enabled analytics

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