Greg Secker Gives Back Through Philanthropy, Coaching, and Personal Foundation

Greg Secker is a successful entrepreneur whose expertise lies within the trading market. After receiving exceptional results in his 20’s, Secker has given back to the world through his philanthropical efforts, sharing his expertise and success story through public speaking, and coaching on how to be just as successful as he was in his career path.


Secker started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Group before climbing the corporate ladder and becoming the Vice President of Foreign Exchange at BNY Mellon. After approximately six years of working for others, Secker founded his own company called Knowledge to Action Group. His company controls six other organizations with efforts varying from philanthropy, coaching, and trade. After finding a lot of success in his personal ventures, Secker decided to give back and share his wealth of knowledge with the rest of the world. He has written various books regarding tips and tricks on success in the financial world.


Secker is a global speaker that shares his expertise in the entrepreneurial industry as well as his story of success. He has been featured on notable channels along with well-known TV personalities in the UK. After retiring at the age of 27, he founded his company called Learn to Trade, which serves as a platform for him to teach others how to be profitable in trading stock and within the currency markets. Secker has had upwards of 200,000 people attend his seminars and workshops worldwide.


Secker remains involved with the philanthropical community by supporting the Tusk and the Child Bereavement Trust. He founded his own non-profit organization in 2011 with the intention of improving the quality of life for children worldwide. Named “The Foundation,” his non-profit is involved in various programs centered around education in order to improve the lives of youth.


To learn more about Greg Secker’s background, efforts, and foundation visit his personal website.


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