Handy Really Is Handy

I love Handy, the convenient app that lets me book a cleaning person when I have a party or important dinner at my home, and I realize that the apartment really needs a good cleaning. If you’ve ever tried hiring a maid service for a one-time cleaning, you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s a real hassle to get someone there when the service knows that you won’t sign up for twice weekly cleanings. Handy’s service perfect for me, because the alternative, using someone who posts a flyer in my neighborhood, makes me very uncomfortable. I always wonder if they will steal something small, that I won’t notice right away, or if they will break something, and then feel bad and not say anything.

I am more than willing to pay extra for Handy’s home cleaning service, as opposed to using a person I don’t know, because they do very thorough background checks on the independent contractors that they send to my home. It was nerve-wracking before, sitting at work and wondering what was going on at my apartment. Although a friend installed a camera hidden in a teddy bear, a good cleaning person would pick it up and dust under it, so that idea was out. I prefer knowing an experienced professional is at my apartment; this way I can concentrate while I am work.

Handy’s best feature is that you pay through the app, instead of leaving cash or a check at your home. Most people who I used before had insisted on cash, since they did not report the income, and this makes me uncomfortable. I felt like I was helping someone commit fraud. Handy’s cleaners receive reportable income, which helps them establish a verifiable income if they need credit or a loan.

Personally, I believe Handy is very handy for people like me, who need an occasional home cleaning professional that they can trust.

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