Handy’s On-Demand Service Helps Them Leap To Incredible Levels

Online and mobile cleaning is a big business, one that may surprise many people who assume the industry is primarily made up of mom-and-pop style business models. One of the biggest names in the busy, Handy, recently announced that they were up to $1 million in bookings…per week. This is only two years after their initial launch date, for projected earnings of $52 million per year.

By comparison, Handy made a fraction of that in its first year of operation: $3 million. How has Handy made such a huge jump in only two years? By offering a service that its customers not only want, but actually respect: on-demand cleaning service.

Many of Handy’s competitor still use the traditional “scheduled cleaning” method, which offers customers regular cleaning at specific times during the week. While not a bad model, it is one that is outdated to the needs of the current economy and market. Handy steps over the bounds imposed with scheduled cleaning by allowing clients and consumers to contact them when they need them.

Another advantage Handy has over its competitors is its mobile booking feature. Users can use the Handy app to request and schedule a cleaning appointment with a trusted specialist. Handy also lets users choose the specialist they want to use in their home, giving them a sense of adaptability and trust that other services seem to lack.

Handy also pays its service experts very fair wages – between $15-$22 per hour, with an average of $18 – and performs extensive background tests and vetting procedures on each worker to ensure that they are safe and reliable. As a result, customers trust Handy and turn to them over their competitors, who pay low wages to workers who may not have the same qualifications as their Handy counterparts.

Although Handy does provide services beyond cleaning, it is estimated by pepinherstep.com that about 85 percent of its income comes from these services, with only 15 percent from the handyman and plumbing services they offer. Clearly, the home cleaning market has been waiting for a service model like Handy’s, especially as they’ve expanded to over 25 different cities in the country and even offer two in Canadian cities.

In fact, they’ve actually expanded over international waters by offering services in London, England. The sky appears to be the limit for this up-and-coming company, and its example may set the new standard in the hone cleaning services industry.

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