Hard Work And Focus Intend To Pay Off For The Rising Star, Jared Haftel

Jared Haftel has done well for himself, so far. He is a young man and already has substantial credentials and accomplishments to his credit. Jared Haftel is a young graduate student at the prestigious Stanford University, School of Business, seeking an MBA, and perhaps more. He completed his undergraduate work at Duke University, completing with bachelor’s degrees in Economics, Mathematics and Sciences in his tenure from 2005 through 2009.

He made serious contributions to the Duke University online publication, The Chronicle. To this day, it remains 100 percent student run. His contributions are music reviews and at least in one case, an interview with a Duke graduate, a musician, who chose not to put on the monkey suit after graduation.

That is certainly not the limit of Jared’s online writing career. His full-fledged move into investment banking, with employment credits at Merrill Lynch and subsequently Bank of America and Vector Capital. A CNN iReport posting, from an interview with Mr. Haftel, concerning resume writing techniques and suggestions, clearly arose from his own success.

That’s not all. Jared is also providing advice on corporate etiquette for landing that first internship before graduating and hitting the pavement. He knows first hand, having landed an internship at Credit Suisse, the investment banking firm. He explains how to turn the interview for the internship into an offer, through serious attention to details. The hand shake may not make or break the interview, but a firm grip and direct eye contact, according to Haftel, make a big difference. A winning personality, a serious approach to the business and a straight tie, can sure sure help your introduction.

Now with 5 years working the business end, and since graduating Duke, Mr. Haftel has held positions as an Investment Banking Analyst while at Merrill Lynch. He has followed the defense and aerospace industry and commodities in metals, mining and chemicals.

Moving on to Stanford was simply a continuation in the same direction, moving onward and upward. An MBA from Stanford can only benefit his developing career In investment banking and corporate finance.

Jared Haftel has had success and accomplishment encoded into his every pursuit. Each step has been a progression, increasing his expertise, enhancing his qualifications and building expectations, not only by him but by those around him, as well.

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