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The Child Victim Act is being supported by actor Cory Feldman and a US volleyball star named Sarah Power-Barnhard. A group that is pushing hard to have the bill passed in New York is called New Yorkers Against Predators. Feldman hopes to pressures legislators trying to keep the bill off the Senate floor for debate.
This bill would eliminate both civil and criminal statutes of limitations in child sexual abuse cases in New York. It would allow 50 year old cases to be heard. The statue of limitations for most cases have to be file within five years of the crime. Most people have one year to sue an individual unless they belong to a church or a school.

The five year limitation does not begin until a person turns 18 year old. Several versions of the Child Victim Act has been passed in recent years. About 90% of New Yorkers support this bill being passed.

Jeff Herman is a well known advocate and lawyer for victims of sexual abuse, rape, and exploitation. He has represented many men, women, and children in civil cases. In November 2011, HermanĀ won a landmark case for a client that was abused by a Catholic priest named Father Neil Doherty in Miami.

Jeff Herman has provided aggressive and outstanding advocacy for his clients. His firm helps victims develop a support system and helps them find counseling when going through the legal process. Jeff participates in organizations dedicated to preventing child abuse in the community.

In his work he has trained law enforcement officers, witnesses, victims, and attorneys with the National Crime Victim Bar Association. His work has been featured on CNN, and the O’Reilly Factor. He has practiced in New York and Florida. He received a Juris Doctorate from Case Western University of Law.

Herman Law takes on cases of abuse against schools, churches, colleges, camps, hospitals, cruise ships, sports leagues, service industries, spas and foster care.

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