Highland Goes Around the World in a Day

Highland Capital Management appears to be very active these days. Highland capital is considered a middle Market firm. For those who don’t know middle-market is typically a medium-sized investment house usually with aggressive portfolio activity. A diverse portfolio Highlander arms investments from crude oil 2 Healthcare . As an investor you can expect your Highland portfolio manager to be vary, exploring opportunities all over the world With risk levels ranging from safe to risky. Started in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. Highland is headquartered in Dallas Texas. Assets in Highland are roughly 20 billion . They also have offices in New York soul Singapore and South Paulo.

An SEC-registered investment advisor, Highland capital’s portfolio on the NASDAQ List as many as 350 positions as of June 30th 2017.. Firms like Highland Capital are critical to the world economy. It provides financial banking and liquidity for industries all over the world. Firms like Highland allow Investments to take place more smoothly taking some of the red tape out of Investments that need to be closed quickly.
With holdings in Facebook, Citigroup, even Twitter. American Airlines is also held by Highland capital.. 2016 represented a solid year for the bottom line at Highland. And as Highland takes advantage of a maturing American population in the healthcare industry, the current pace shows no hint of slowing down in 2017. Chief investment officer Michael Henry and his team are poised to make noise in 2018.

Recently Highland Capital bolstered its investments in the Asian Markets by investing in South Korea’s national pension service. This will be a partnership with Stonebridge capital a Korean private equity and Venture Capital firm.

Highlands philanthropic Endeavors have committed over 10 million dollars to Various Charities over the last 10 years. If you live in the Texas or Alabama area and they’re interested in the working for Highland there are various opportunities in the finance field available for you to choose from. Jobs are posted with indeed and on the company website.

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