How Corrections Officers Find Drugs with Securus Technologies Systems

The job of a corrections officer is perhaps the most challenging in the country. Not only are you working in a very hostile environment, these inmates are looking for any opportunities to retaliate for them being put in jail. Add into the mix that things like drugs and weapons make it a bigger problem, and you can see what me an my team have such a difficult time each day trying to maintain order behind the prison walls.


The visitor center in our jail is the only place where inmates and visitors are allowed to be in contact, so this is also the place where things can easily exchange hands. While we run each person through a scanner, x-ray machine, and physical search, things still get to the inmates. Luckily we have a new resource that has proven to be something that has cut into the problem dramatically.


Securus Technologies installed a new inmate phone call monitor system in the prison, and my team was the first to learn how to use the LBS software. The new call system is able to do the work of several officers, so now we can have a huge presence in the jail while the system is monitoring what the inmates are saying on the phones.


Not long after we got the system installed, we began to hear conversations related to drugs. One inmate was bragging to family how he hides his drugs in his cell and uses them at night. One inmate talked about how his drugs were being sold for ten times the street value. Each time we pick up conversations about inmates using or acquiring drugs, we strike before the inmates have time to even figure out how it was possible that we were able to make the bust so easily today.


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