How Drew Madden has Helped to Reform the Healthcare industry.

Drew Madden is the founder and chief executing officer of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He is a professional healthcare majoring in information technology. He is serving the healthcare industry for over a decade. Madden has a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Lowa. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Drew establishes competent workforce, dynamic company culture, and strong customer relations. Drew Madden uses technical EMR background together with his experience to help healthcare IT specialists in designing successful Epic implementation groups.

The healthcare professional is gifted with skills in planning, execution and optimizing health records in hospitals. He engages in partnerships with companies to implement, troubleshoot and find challenges experienced in medical reports. Drew Madden served as a consultant of Cerner Cooperation for two years before joining Healthia where he worked as a consultant too. Healthia was later sold to Ingenix, giving Madden an opportunity to serve Ingenix as the regional sales director. He was privileged to offer sales consultation and client development services in Epic, GE-IDX, and Allscripts Practices during his tenure at the company.

The IT entrepreneur advanced to Nordic Consulting Partners, serving as the president. His duties included overseeing business development, recruitment, and operations within the enterprise. Drew Madden positively impacted the heroic consulting firm by increasing the employees from 10 to 725 workers and raising the company’s revenue from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000 annually. He also brought more clients to the company from three to 150 customers. With experience in information technology, leadership, project management and consulting services, Mr. Drew formed the Evergreen Healthcare Partners.

Evergreen Healthcare provides consultation services for electronic health record platforms and specialized healthcare technology, which helps organizations achieve their goals. Drew Madden ensures enterprises maximize on their IT investments, improve their outcomes and increase customer satisfaction. The company greatly values client preference focusing on long-term success by providing talent management solutions. The technology expert campaigns for the upgrading of hospital equipment and software, which helps to protect patients and improve health conditions of patients. Drew Madden urges healthcare entrepreneurs to involve 3D printing, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, robotic applications to medicine, and point-of-care diagnostics, as technologies that have a great impact in the industry.

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