How EOS is Helping Your Lips Stay Even Softer

We all know EOS. At least, I hope that we all know who EOS is and the incredible lip balm revolution they pioneered nearly a decade ago.

If you aren’t familiar with the brand, well you may have been under a rock, but more specifically, they create the wonderful little lip balm balls that are omnipresent at every grocery or drug store throughout America. They are most noted for their pinkish orange lip balm sphere called Passion Fruit. If you haven’t seen it, take note at any Target or CVS checkout line and you will see its prominent placement. What’s inside? Oh just the most amazing lip balm you’ve ever discovered also packed with a delicious taste and smell it is hard not to just eat it up and remember it is for making your lips lovely only!

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While EOS lip balm has always been fabulous, and is a staple prominently used by nearly every A-List celebrity and blogger that we know, its line of Visibly Soft Smoothing Spheres are something to take an additional note of.

First, there is the blue swirl Vanilla Mint. The Vanilla Mint is impeccably described, as it mixes soft and creamy vanilla with the perfect hint of mint that takes it form two of the world’s most popular scents and smells to something truly original that only EOS could engineer.

Next, there is a pink swirl lip balm of Coconut Milk. This one is absolutely everything. It is like lying in a long bath filled with generous oils for your lips that also taste and smell delicious! Refer to this link,

Finally, and for the more spunky, there is Blackberry Nectar. This is the most flavorful of the Visibly Soft Lip Line and in a swirling purple case it packs a delicious and, dare I say, sexy vibe that all those who come into contact with (even if for smelling purposes only) will surely enjoy! View more products here.

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