How EOS Reviews on Social Media Boost Sales

The Evolution of Smooth has totally changed the way that people look at lip balm. There is a different day in the lip balm industry because this company has made some concrete changes. More people are in favor of the sphere shaped tubes so this makes it easier for this brand to stand out.

The thing that makes this great for this EOS lip balm review is product placement. It is just placed in stores and it stands out from all of the other small lip balm tubes that are in place, see (

People have tried various flavors of lip balm from the Evolution of Smooth, and the reviews have been good as posted on advertisement. Children are definitely excited about it because it gives them access to a multitude of different flavors.

The Evolution of Smooth has continued to be one of the more successful brands of lip balm based largely on the reviews from consumers. When they know that they are able to get lip balm that has long-lasting flavor they are much more inclined to make purchases for this type of lip balm.

There is also a great amount of interest in this lip balm because it speaks to a consumer base that has become more obsessed with celebrity worship.

Kim Kardashian has been spotted utilizing this balm. Other artists like One Direction members have been spotted with this type of lip balm. Selena Gomez has been singing the praises of her EOS lip balm favorites, refer to

When celebrities get to a point where they are talking about certain products online it makes it so much easier for the company to thrive. People are interested in checking it out just because celebrities are utilizing it. Their reviews have been great for this, and this allows a whole lot of exposure through Pinterest, Instagram, Twittter and Facebook.

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