How Ryan Seacrest Is Still Staying Busy

“American Idol” was recently relaunched and Ryan Seacrest made a return as the host of this show. This show had been canceled in the spring of 2016 which meant that he had thought he had finished his run as host of this show. While he always stays busy the cancellation of this show meant that he had some free time on his hands. He soon became a co-host on the morning tv show Live, along with Kelly Ripa, and was then permanently given this position and the show was renamed as “Live with Kelly and Ryan”.

As these two shows are taped on different coasts it means that he spends his weeks in New York City and his weekends in Los Angeles. He catches a red eye flight back to New York so that he can put in his Monday morning appearance on “Live with Kelly and Ryan“. He is used to this type of activity, though, as he regularly juggles up to 10 jobs at a time.

In addition to the two tv shows he also hosts “On Air with Ryan” which is a morning radio show. He covers pop culture on this show, such as the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He hosts this show along with two women, Sisanie and Tanya Rad. In addition to listening to this show on the radio it is also available as a podcast.

In 2014 according to Forbes, Ryan Seacrest launched a line of men’s clothing called Distinction. His line features classic clothing that it tailor-made for regular guys. His line features premium cuts and fabrics and includes accessory items such as ties and cufflinks. This clothing line is exclusively sold in Macy’s retail stores. He followed this up with Polished which is a line of men’s skincare products.

He also spends time working on his nonprofit, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation. He had been visiting children’s hospitals for a number of years and decided he would like to help the children in these hospitals even more. His nonprofit puts Seacrest Studios in these hospitals which provides children with the opportunity to go hands-on in a media center.

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