How Securus Technologies May Be Saving The US Prison System

There are a lot of costs involved in running a correctional facility. There is the cost of electricity, labor, materials, incidents, processing, legal infractions, and much more. Securus Technologies has been intimately involved with correctional facilities in the United States since 1986, when they started in Texas. Since their inception, the group has accumulated some 2,600 separate clients across the country; and it is their continuing prerogative to expand their cutting-edge innovations.


One of the newest developments from this company is ConnectUs Automated Forms. Through ConnectUs, things like complaints and grievances forms can be filed automatically in a digital way that allows inmates the ability of monitoring progress on forms they’ve filed. Additionally, inmates get unparalleled access to information, applications, and even educational possibilities. Those who run correctional facilities have complete control over that to which inmates have access, also; ensuring no untoward information is seen or circulated.


An average inmate files 13.8 complaints and grievances forms every month. It’s not out of the realm of possibility to assume five minutes is taken up with each form. That means every year, an inmate’s forms in this area cost 13.8 man hours. For a hundred inmates in a facility, that’s 1,380 man hours lost. At between ten and twenty dollars an hour, that’s between $13,800 and $27,600 which leaks out a given budget every year.


 ConnectUs by Securus does more than correctional forms; they cover medical forms, sign-up sheets, and a variety of other things. From the paper and printing costs, to the time spent in distribution and cleanup, to the cost of writing utensils, storage, and staff used in organizing data, the expenses rack up quickly. With ConnectUs, that can all be erased, and the excess money made available can be used in programs that substantially curb rates of recidivism.

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