How The Complaints Of White Shark Media Clients Have Affected Our Services

As an adword management service, we have received a lot of praise for our high quality services. However, there are some of our clients who feel dissatisfied by certain aspects of our services. Our customer’s complaints just like their complements do not fall on deaf ears.
Losing Touch with Adword Campaigns
To address this issue, we have made it our top priority to ensure that our clients are properly appraised on all the details regarding their campaigns.
Poor Communication
Many of our clients have reported of not being able to communicate with their contact person. To make communication easier, we have implemented Go To Meeting, a conferencing tool that enables us to link with clients through the internet when reviewing details of their AdWords account.
My Old Campaigns Were Better Than These New Campaigns
To ensure that our campaigns are better than what the client was using, we have taken the following measures:

•Exploiting the best parts of the clients existing campaign and combining these with our strategies in order to develop a much more effective campaign.

•Experienced supervisors are charged with the management of client campaigns

Why Don’t You Offer SEO Services
Though we are not yet ready to start offering SEO services, we help our clients distinguish good and bad SEO services. We ensure we review the proposals and services of our client’s SEO company and offer advice that helps prevent our client from incurring losses.
My Contact Person Is Not Sensitive To My Needs
Many clients have been complaining of being set up with people who do not answer to their needs. We have now revised our customer services to include a policy that makes it mandatory for our consultants to follow up with a client from the time they sign up until the optimization process.
The Campaign Has Been Created on My Account
We have implemented a procedure whereby we create a new AdWords account to ensure that we begin from scratch when starting new campaigns. If your existing campaign is doing well, you are allowed to continue using your own account.
Tracking My Adwords Performance
Many clients have complained of not being able to track the performance of their AdWords account. To solve this problem, we have started an in-house procedure where we install call tracking, conversion tracking and Google analytics to make it easier to keep an eye on your account.
Most Customers Come Through the Phone
It has come to our attention that many client enquiries at White Shark Media are made through the phone. We have joined hands with Marchex to make it easy to track the calls of all our clients.

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